Functions and materials

We choose very carefully when it comes to materials for our products. The cotton used is combed, stabilised and mercerised. Our wool comes from Europe and is guaranteed mulesing-free. We also use bamboo in a number of products, which provides fantastic comfort for the finished garment, while the production process has minimal impact on the environment. Thanks to excellent materials and technical products such as anti-slip socks, compression socks and socks with loose elastic, we can offer eco-friendly garments with a high level of comfort and good functionality.



The bamboo viscose used for our garments is 100% biodegradable, renewable and comes mostly from Moso bamboo, also known as “giant bamboo”. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world. The bamboo grows totally organically, with no artificial irrigation, pesticides or fertiliser required, in hillside plantations certified by FSC.

Production takes place in a fully-integrated and closed loop process, with full recycling of the chemicals. A large percentage of the water from the process is also re-used.

The bamboo is harvested by hand, a process that is kind to the environment, and it does not affect the endangered panda, as their food supply is a shorter type of bamboo.

• Less environmental impact, grown completely organically
• Natural properties keep the material fresh for longer
• Keeps the skin cool and acts as a moisture regulator
• Round, smooth fibres that are good for sensitive skin
• Luxuriously soft and versatile




Our compression socks have been developed to increase blood circulation in the feet and legs. The increased pressure acts to prevent blood clots and varicose veins. The socks also counteract swelling and help to relieve tired legs, as they provide a pleasant massage effect. They can also be useful for people without circulation problems, for example, for flights or long days at work where you are on your feet for several hours. All styles have graded compression in three stages, well-tested reinforcement panels in the sole for optimum wearing quality, and ultrafine toe seams that are extremely thin and provide superior comfort.



Loose elastic

Our socks with extra loose elastic ribbing at the top stay up without pinching. They are specially adapted for diabetics and people with sensitive legs, but are also a good option for those who want an attractive sock that is not too tight. We have used the same technology and high-quality material as for our graded compression socks, but for these socks we instead have three zones with graded decreasing pressure. The range also includes one style with extra loose ribbed legs, as well as diabetic socks for extra sensitive feet.



Anti-slip protection

Using anti-slip socks is extremely important for people with poor balance, reduced strength and/or those who suffer from dizziness. But, of course, these socks can be worn by anyone who simply wants a better grip when walking around indoors. The fact is that many accidents could be avoided if more people wore anti-slip socks for everyday use. We are Sweden’s biggest supplier within this product group and offer the best anti-slip protection on the market. Naturally, the anti-slip protection is 100% silicone based and non-toxic.

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