Product development


Here at Wiges we are constantly developing new products and upgrading existing ones. This applies to quality and composition, as well as wear resistance, fit, colours and prints. One example of this is our compression socks. We have developed methods for incorporating full patterns without losing the essential support and compression effect.

We have also produced bamboo thermal underwear using a unique double-layer material that provides a soft inside and a warm outside. We strive to combine all this with the latest production and environmental technology, so that we achieve optimum quality with minimal environmental impact.

In addition to our own experienced and skilled staff, we have also sought the assistance of the Swedish Research Institute for Industrial Renewal and Sustainable Growth in Mölndal., and the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås

We also participate in projects such as Ekodesign and Mistra Future Fashion to ensure we remain at the forefront of development of bamboo fabrics as a complement to traditional cotton.

If you are interested, for instance, in knowing more about how we produce our bamboo fibre in a closed loop process with minimal environmental impact, you are welcome to contact our Development Manager Per-Gunnar Kloutschek on

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