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At Wiges we are experts in both basic garments and technical clothing, from design sketches to finished garment. Our range extends from babywear to adult, from top to toe. Our strong brands cater for all age ranges, from baby, children and junior to adult. Find out more about our high-quality brands, which form the basis for our position as one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of basic and technical clothing.

Walking is Wiges’ most comprehensive brand, with garments from top to toe, from base layers to outerwear. Our collections are numerous and extend from baby to adult.

All our Walking collections are carefully designed, with many products made from our wonderful bamboo fabric. Attractive and well-made clothing for a responsible and quality lifestyle, for work and leisure.





The socks and tights in this range have been developed together with doctors, podiatrists and our skilled textile technicians. They have undergone a number of tests by various testing institutes and laboratories to ensure optimum fit and performance.

The products in this range offer comfort and specially-adapted functions:

Compression socks
Socks with extra loose elastic
Anti-slip socks

– All you need for better foot health!


The bamboo used in our clothing comes from Moso bamboo, among others, also known as “giant bamboo”, which is the fastest-growing plant in the world. Moso bamboo grows totally organically, with no artificial irrigation or fertiliser required. Harvesting Moso bamboo does not affect the endangered panda, as their food supply is a shorter type of bamboo. Our bamboo viscose is made in a closed loop process and therefore has minimal environmental impact; it offers comfort and quality fully comparable to cotton.

  • Sustainable material, grown completely organically
    Natural properties keep the material fresh for longer
    Keeps the skin cool and acts as a moisture regulator
    Luxurious, soft and versatile



Emilia is Wiges’ most feminine collection. Here you will find underwear and stylish basic garments. Many of our Emilia products are carefully matched to give a beautiful coherent feel and a sense of indulgence.

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