Environmental Policy

Our focus areas within environment, quality and work environment are as follows:

  • Product development: We develop our products with regards to both price and the minimizing environmental impact all through the product life cycle.
  • Purchasing – We always look for the best overall solution for both buyer and seller by combining volume with product quality. Quality, environment and working environment must be considered for every purchase.
  • Logistics, transport and warehouse management are optimized ¬†to reduce the environmental impact from production site to to the customer and also the working environment for our employees.

We work with improvements in all areas through preventive work together with our customers and employees. In this work we follow the laws and other requirements that apply to us. Our clothes do not contain any hazardous chemicals and are manufactured in accordance with our customers’ high demands within CSR and European chemical legislation.

We must have a dialogue with our customers in order to push for the improvements that are possible to achieve, we are always responsive to what the customers are asking for.

Within our work environment, we work to prevent injuries and ill-health. We develop our staff and demand from our customers to drive development forward and increase awareness.

For us, constant improvement means that we always want to be a little better!