About Wiges


Wiges has a long history of textile and clothing production and retail. The name Wiges dates from the 1930s and a variety of small groups of companies, sole traders and trading companies in and around Gothenburg. The first steps towards Wiges in its current form were taken in 1977, with new owners and a new limited company format. At the same time a change was made to the focus of the range, moving away from home textiles and towards the current broad assortment of socks, underwear and clothing. In 1980, the business moved to its current premises in Kinna, which actually housed a knitwear factory in the 1930s. No production takes place at the site today, but the knowledge certainly lives on.

What makes us unique:

As a consumer or retailer, you should be able to feel confident that the goods you purchase have been manufactured in a way that has no negative impact on the environment, and that everyone involved in the supply chain from delivery to finished product is working under reasonable conditions. Over many years we have developed a close and far-reaching partnership with our suppliers, ensuring excellent quality control and a high level of delivery reliability. We also stock most items in all sizes. As a retailer, this gives you a high rate of turnover, good margins and low stock inventory costs.