Design, production and distribution

Are you a retailer of clothing, tights or other ready-to-wear garments? Perhaps you have a brand but want help with design, production and distribution?

Wiges is an expanding clothing company specialising in knitted fabrics. Our top-to-toe range caters for all age ranges – from underwear, socks, hats and gloves to baby clothes and men’s and women’s clothing. Our quality-conscious chain of production combines materials, function and design, enabling us to develop functional clothing with a high level of comfort. Our clothing contains no prohibited chemicals and is manufactured in accordance with our high standards for CSR and reduced environmental impact.

In addition to selling our own brands, we have more than 800 items in stock for immediate delivery, and we also collaborate with private labels. A business area where we can produce anything from total solutions to individual products, which are then sold under the customer’s own brand. We often assist with design, production and distribution.

If you want to build your brand within the clothing sector, incorporating high quality and a high degree of environmental awareness, we can help you all the way from start to finish.

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